Lord Privy Seal

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the senior cabinet minister in the British Cabinet who has no official duties

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You might as well cancel democracy and hand the whole shebang over to an unelected Lord Privy Seal.
BIRTHDAYS: Anita Brookner, novelist, 84; Sir George Young, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal, 71; Frank Field, MP, (pictured) 70; Miguel Indurain, former cyclist, 48.
A letter from the Lord Privy Seal to the Foreign Office on May 21 1979, detailed Cabinet Secretary Sir John Hunt's concerns.
Justice Secretary JACK STRAW (Blackburn) Brought up on an Essex council estate, he became president of the National Union of Students, qualified as a barrister, and under Tony Blair was Lord Privy Seal, commons leader and foreign secretary.
Ian Gilmour served as defence secretary in Edward Heath's government in the 1970s and later as Lord Privy Seal in Margaret Thatcher's first government.
Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons: Geoff Hoon
He was appointed Minister of Labour and Lord Privy Seal in 1960 in Harold Macmillan's government.
There follow the great officers of state, Lord Treasurer and Lord Keeper of the Great Seal--who were the Marquis of Winchester and Sir Nicholas Bacon respectively, the Lord Privy Seal and the Lord Admiral, and so on.
In a Lords debate, former Lord Privy Seal Earl Jellicoe was puzzled by a minister's use of the letters NVQ, standing for National Vocational Qualification.
BIRTHDAYS: Anita Brookner, novelist, 87; Sir George Young, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal, 74; Frank Field, MP, 73; Lorraine Chase, actress, 64; Stewart Copeland, rock musician (The Police), 63; Michael Flatley, dancer, 57; Miguel Indurain, former cyclist, 51; Johnny Vaughan, TV and radio presenter, 49.
When Churchill was PM in the 1950s he was on the toilet one day when an official told him that the Lord Privy Seal (RA Butler) had come to see him.
They were designed in 1938 in response to a request from the Home Office and were named after Sir John Anderson, then Lord Privy Seal with special responsibility for preparing air-raid precautions immediately prior to the outbreak of World War Two.
The ex-Defence Secretary, then Sir Ian Gilmour, was sacked by Margaret Thatcher in 1981 while Lord Privy Seal.
That he was the man above all others who deserved the title 'The Immortal Bard', " says Aelwyn, fleshing out the story with details of how Williams had honour upon honour poured upon him including Lord Privy Seal, Lord Chancellor of England and Dean of Westminster.
However, once they appeared, the libels were received with great pleasure by the Lord Privy Seal, the crypto-Catholic Earl of Northampton, who passed them on to his ally, Robert Carr, the king's favourite.