Lord Chancellor

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the highest officer of the Crown who is head of the judiciary and who presides in the House of Lords

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They would then be entitled to receive both their MP's pension and a pension accrued at a slightly higher rate for the years they served as secretaries of state, if applicable, and Prime Minister or Lord Chancellor.
After being appointed to the pounds 202,000-a-year post of Lord Chancellor, he provoked outrage when he redecorated his official apartment with Pugin wallpaper costing pounds 360 a roll.
Lib-Dem David Laws stormed: "Spending massive amounts on entertaining, advertising and publicity might be priorities for our high-flying, extravagant Lord Chancellor but they're not for the taxpayer while health and education are in desperate need of cash.
Because of an arcane law, the Lord Chancellor must always receive an annual salary pounds 2,500 higher than the Lord Chief Justice.
He added: "The Lord Chancellor followed the same rules as all the other Cabinet ministers apply in appointing advisers.
It is consulted by the Lord Chancellor before government makes any rules under section 411 (company insolvency rules) or section 412 (individual insolvency rules) of the Act.
An amalgamation between the two looks like it could be on the cards after The Lord Chancellor said he would support a merger.
DRESSED in full ceremonial robes, Kenneth Clarke was welcomed by the country's judiciary yesterday as the latest Lord Chancellor of Great Britain.
Mark Nattrass is the other QC, desperate and dismayed to be cast as the Cornock alibi when the hotel room fills up with the Lord Chancellor, not to mention his friend's wife - the Lord Chancellor's daughter - and her sister, plus the Lord Chancellor's hapless assistant and the young man who keeps turning up with champagne and sandwiches for consumption by the wrong people.
The best bet on the card could be in division one of the EBF Maiden Stakes, in which Lord Chancellor should take a world of beating.
The Rt Hon Lord Falconer of Thoroton, QC, Lord Chancellor, and the Solicitor General Mike O'Brien MP, were the guests of honour at a dinner organised by West Midlands Labour Finance & Industry Group.
The Lord Chancellor is reviewing a proposal to close the courthouse in Aberdare, following talks with Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd and AM Christine Chapman.
THE Lord Chancellor has rejected calls for a minimum 25-year jail term for killers.
The Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer outlined the changes as part of a programme to increase the diversity of the judiciary.
Three senior figures, including a former Lord Chancellor, called for Lord Goldsmith's full legal opinion to be made public.