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It has been observed that species like Heterophasia pulchella, Ficedula subrubra, Aegithalos leucogenys, Aegithalos niveogularis, Lophophorus sclateri and Caterus wallichii have originated from the same ancestor therefore form a monophyletic clade.
leucogenys, Yuhina bakeri, Tragopan blythii, Lophophorus sclateri and Catreus wallichii represent the third line/pattern of evolution (Fig.
Catreus wallichii, Lophophorus sclateri and Tragopan blythii have been categorised as vulnerable and therefore need the highest level of protection (Table I) as, these species are relatively new to the Himalayan environment (Fig.
Although, conservation status of almost all endemic bird species found in the Himalayan region is very important but keeping in view the relatively recent evolution of Catreus wallichii, Lophophorus sclateri and Tragopan blythii which means less genetic variability and less time for better adaptability, some concrete steps are required to be taken to protect these from extinction.