Lophophora williamsii

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uncinatus Lophophora williamsii Mammillaria heyderi Mammillaria lasiacantha Mammillaria pottsii Opuntia azuria Opuntia engelmannii var.
Figure 21-9 shows Lophophora williamsii, which is a small, rounded, spineless cactus that grows flush with the ground, and is found in the southwestern United States but grows primarily in Mexico.
Transgenetic works are executed with the cactus known as Lophophora williamsii Coult, which belongs to the class of virulent hallucinogen producers, and up to now is used as a totem food by the North American Indians.
15 The Native American Church has an estimated 250,000 adherents for a religion based around use of the cactus Lophophora williamsii - containing which powerful hallucinogen?
Peyote, a hallucinogen derived from the plant lophophora williamsii lemaire, is considered by the Drug Enforcement Agency to be a
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