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0.083 0.085 Lophiidae Lophius americanas, goosefish 0.085 Trachichthyidae Gephyroberyx darwinii, big roughy 0.600 Macroramphosidae Macroramphosus scolopax, longspined snipefish 0.557 0.254 Scorpaenidae Scorpaena sp., scorpionfish 1.249 6.107 Triglidae Prionotus sp., searobin 0.004 0.085 Polyprionidae Polyprion americanus, wreckfish 0.004 Serranidae Anthias nicholsi, yellowfin bass 10.667 1.442 Anthias sp.
sanpaulensis Resource Family Fishes Sciaenidae Stromateidae Sciaenidae Phycidae Triglidae Phycidae Percophidae Cheilodactylidae Ariidae Phycidae Serranidae Paralichthydae Balistidae Sciaenidae Scianidae Trichiuridae Lophiidae Ophidiidae Sparidae Paralichthydae Mugiloididae Sciaenidae Zeidae Rajidae Sciaenidae Sciaenidae Branchiostegidae Haemulidae Sciaenidae Crustaceans Penaeidae Penaeidae Geryonidae Aristeidae Penaeidae Penaeidae Pandalidae Molluscs Ommastrephidae Octopodidae Loliginidae Table 2.
Finally, the semicystic kind of spermatogenesis has been described only once before in the family Lophiidae, for Blackmouth Angler (Lophiomus setigerus) (Yoneda et al., 1998a).