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I present the case of old age man, who presented with pain right side of the abdomen with huge anterior abdominal wall swelling, along with loose motion. His inflammatory markers were unremarkable, and his ultrasound showed fluid-filled bowel loops, with no ascitic fluid.
6 Loose motions accompanied by griping pain, nausea and vomiting continuing for more than 48 hours.
Bacterial infections which cause loose motions or vomiting can also be prevented by proper disinfection control within the house, Dr Sreenivas explains.
According to their father Vijay Shanker Sharma, Arti and Khushi were suffering from loose motions and they, along with their eldest sister Pooja, were rusticated from the school for asking the teacher to visit the toilet a number of times.
"The children and their father complained of stomach pains, loose motions and headache.
Table 1 shows that rural parents had significantly poor interpretation of nature of illness of their child compared to their urban counterparts in cases such as loose motions, respiratory distress, fever, swelling of body, convulsions, unconsciousness, and jaundice; and the observed difference was statistically significant (P < 0.05).
Alimentary Lymphoma is an aggressive, invasive tumour of the intestine which certainly can result in loose motions and blood in the faeces but would not be at the top of my list of concerns.
Keep hydrated if you have been vomiting or suffering loose motions. "As much as possible try to eat home-cooked meals," advises Dr Chacko George, Internal Medicine Specialist, RAK Hospital, RAK.
After 3 months of follow-up patient was asymptomatic except early few days of loose motions which was treated with dietary modifications and lactobacillus sachet.
This could be loose motions, increased frequency of bowel movements or urgency to open the bowels and should be particularly monitored if any of these symptoms persist for more than six weeks.
Symptoms associated with fever were sore throat 37(50.8%), myalgia 23(30.2%), headache and body ache 11(15%), and few other symptoms of loose motions, generalized weakness and dysphagia.
There was no history of convulsion, icterus, loose motions, cough, cold or abdominal pain.
The herb Tormentil is a member of the rose family and is excellent in relieving inflammatory bowel conditions, and reduces the frequency and severity of loose motions.
General symptoms and signs of AIDS are: Fever, flu-like symptoms, chest pains, headache, oral fungal lesions, skin rashes, generalised (more than two groups) lymph nodes enlargement, bronchitis, atypical severe diarrhoea (loose motions), neuropathy, meningoencephalitis, dementia, drowziness and skin lumps-tumours like koposi sarcoma.