psychiatric hospital

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Worthless bunch of loonies THE National Lottery should be re-named the National Loony-bin.
Living proof that a great city and a great nation can't be destroyed by the likes of Loony-bin Laden.
His brother has shared with him every gory detail but has had little back in return as these days the pre-match scene is more library than loony-bin.
She accomplished that mission for sure, and has, for better or for worse, continued to write in the same pressing style for the past thirty years; from The Prostitution Papers (1971) to Flying (1974), from Sita (1977) to The Loony-Bin Trip (1990), Kate Millett has consistently captured the world the way she has experienced and lived it.
The Herald made him into a hero when there were a lot of people around town who knew the guy was a loony-bin," Doris said.