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a gazebo sited to command a fine view

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I think that it has become another attraction on the Streno list, along with the castle, the rafts, the monument to the French partisans Everything can be seen most nicely from this lookout tower.
The Old Pilot's lookout tower on Porthcawl seafront is being granted Declared Facility Status (DFS).
Originally built as a look- lookout tower and beacon to warn of invasion during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century, the beacon was later used as a house when ironstone mining arrived in Eston Hills.
NEW JERSEY * May 17, Cape May: Armed Forces Day ceremony at World War II Lookout Tower.
The century and double metric century riders climb from Route 9 to the lookout tower in the Quabbin Reservation at the 44-mile mark, then descend to Belchertown, where the two long routes diverge.
Where the road turned south we saw a Moorish lookout tower from medieval
The tall windows of the nearby fire lookout tower rattle and shake.
During his life Roy was struck seven times by lightning - firstly in 1942, when he was hiding from a storm in a fire lookout tower.
On it there stood a building of grey stone, a looKout tower, I thought, guarding the shore.
Built by Robert Wynn between 1576 and 1585, it dominates the town with its gatehouse, stepped gables and lookout tower.
Moe had been happy since moving last year to Jungle Exotics, where his cage had a lookout tower where he could see the trains passing nearby, McCasland told the newspaper.
One drawing, a mountain view that seems to aim for a tempestuous sublime (the press release quotes Cormac McCarthy), is paired with a jerry-built plywood lookout tower dotted with evidence of previous inhabitants, from postcards to a cowhide to ink-jet prints featuring images of soldiers.
Seven Palestinians sneaked into southern Israel from Gaza by way of a tunnel and attacked an Israeli tank crew and a lookout tower, killing two soldiers.
Built in 1889, the Studers' home was originally located across the street near the Oak Island Lighthouse, where crews watched from the still-present lookout tower for ships in distress.
On the north end, we have the Wilson River Bridge, and on the south end in the entry plaza is a full-size replica forest lookout tower.