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an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property


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Purebreed owners will appreciate the inclusion of slang, nicknames, and common terms as well as technical terms, while chapter organizations by clear topic ('gait', 'working dogs', 'grooming') make for very easy look-ups of any information.
Oxford tracked a huge jump in overall usage of selfie, but Merriam-Webster stuck primarily to look-ups on its website, recording a 176 percent increase for science when compared with last year.
Delivering instant results, the Hotspot Finder's interactive maps include location-based look-ups of hotspot venues.
A new Free Time function encourages kids to spend more time reading and tracks their reading time, vocabulary look-ups, and gives achievement badges when they reach milestones.
Ekahau's wearable radio-frequency identification (RFID) badges offer proximity-based messaging via text, and operate over the existing wireless local area network (WLAN), eliminating the need for manual panic button presses, dialing and map look-ups.
According to NetSTAR, the inCompass SDK utilised commodity hardware to consistently achieve URL lookups in less than 10 milliseconds per request and could support over 50,000 look-ups per second with a single incident of the technology running.
Meaningful WIIFM (What's In It For Me) driven by powerful value-add including reduced downtime/increased productivity; daily, even hourly usage; increased customer face time and satisfaction; access to real-time customer information at your fingertips (e.g., account and order status, history look-ups, available-to-promise inventory); the ability to take immediate action while away from the office; and timely collaboration between field sales and management (customer response and updates; follow-up tracking; and forecast, lead, and pipeline management).
On-call scheduling responsibilities, directory look-ups, and paging requests from internal staff members will also be more easily managed with MediCall SelectOs capabilities.
The partnership between the two companies will allow Nuance customers to auto-populate contrast-injection records into radiology reporting systems eliminating contrast-injection record look-ups and dictation, and boosting accuracy and consistency of documentation across physicians.
" Children in Need 2010 This November, Postcode Anywhere supported Children in Need by donating over 45,000 free address look-ups to speed up donation time.
This configuration then allows route look-ups to determine the available paths to use for VPN traffic
Agency management systems vendors have put in more ACORD look-ups and ISO look-ups within the latest versions of their management systems, Bartosh indicates, but the system's usage is dependent upon the agency setting it up correctly and embracing standards on its side.
An encyclopedic A-Z format lends well to quick look-ups, but the information is detailed enough to provide powerful introductory information backed by bibliographic references, make it both an all-in-one choice and an introduction for further research.
This massive (10.9 pounds) and extraordinary multilingual, partially annotated bibliography contains a wide range of resources--too cumbersome, according to its editors, to put online--although the problems described below, including the need to resort to double or triple "look-ups" and the lack of adequate cross-referencing between the "General Background" and other sections, would be eliminated were the tome to be available online.
However, by caching these values instead of performing live look-ups, there is the potential to inject errors into the system when a domain name is updated.