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a radio wave with a wavelength longer than a kilometer (a frequency below 300 kilohertz)

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Key uncertainties for NWP are: 1) How to parameterize the shortwave and longwave radiation transfer, and 2) how to obtain reliable real-time external aerosol.
Using investment concepts from financial institutions, Longwave Advisor brings portfolio management to individual investors.
The ocean absorbs shortwave radiation and re-emits longwave radiation (infrared rays).
During the last decades, interest in the role of longwave radiation has increased considerably.
The flight takes place at night so that only the longwave radiative forcing is taken into account (shortwave forcing is zero at night).
Incoming atmospheric longwave radiation is the thermal radiation emitted by the atmosphere and clouds, calculated from near-surface air temperature by using an emissivity that varies with vapour pressure and surface temperature (Prata 1996).
So when you correlate the data from both steps you can see the longwave cameras can't be used with a sapphire window as the transmission ranges don't tie up.
Satellite images obtained in the thermal infrared band can contribute to the generation of detailed information of this phenomenon, since atmospheric conditions favorable to the loss of longwave radiation by the surface during the night, which leads to frost occurrence (Varejao-Silva, 2006), coincide with the adequate conditions for surface imaging from orbital sensors, due to the high atmospheric transmittance.
SAILORS are warned they may soon not hear Radio Four's shipping forecast because BBC longwave transmitters are clapped out.
DIASPORA Minister Jimmy Deenihan has urged emigrants in Britain to speak out about the planned shutdown of RTE's longwave radio service.
Under this method, the radiative exchange between a building's external surfaces and the sky, also known as the sky longwave radiation exchange, is simplified through the use of linearized radiation coefficients and a constant effective sky temperature correction factor.
Costumed characters from Disney's Frozen, fire eaters and traditional Morris dancing will entertain visitors while the Staffordshire Portable Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) will discuss the Castle internationally via longwave with special call sign 'GB6AC.
Frost flowers formed and grew overnight in the absence of shortwave radiation, while the net longwave radiation was negative and dominated the net all-wave radiation balance at the surface.
The machine, which uses both longwave fiber and shortwave carbon dioxide lasers, can produce items smaller than 250 millimeters, Xinhua reported.
The Vinden CZ longwave infrared (LWIR) camera series is ideal for a wide variety of surveillance and security imaging applications such as port and harbor security, defense, thermal pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) systems, infrastructure security, and more.