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United States poet remembered for his long narrative poems (1807-1882)

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Work has now begun on installing the road safety measures along Longfellow Road.
A report by the council's traffic and road safety manager Rachel Goodyer said: "Coventry City Councilhas received six petitions requesting safety measures on Longfellow Road including traffic calming measures and safer crossing points for pedestrians.
In 1863, as the American Civil War was dragging on Longfellow's son joined the army against his father's wishes and was critically injured.
"Longfellow Finds a Home" introduces the mischievous, lovable Longfellow, the blue wiener dog, as he roams and wander without a place to call home.
Explain to students that the artist was inspired by "The Song of Hiawatha" (Longfellow, 1855).
Longfellow Bar, 8pm, PS6 Check out Facebook EVERY NIGHT BELFAST BERTS Authentic live Jazz music every night of the week right in the heart of Belfast.
In December of 1863, Longfellow received a telegram that Charley had been seriously injured.
The fifth-grade teacher says the Longfellow students take these sustainability lessons to heart.
ABI LONGFELLOW, 12, was once a happy, outgoing child, whose boundless energy left her parents struggling to make her even sit down.
Hiawatha, as many know, is considered to be Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's best-known poem.
"SEAWEED" (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) for Tenor Voice and Piano.
23 December 2013 -- Illinois US-based insurance brokerage Arthur J Gallagher & Co (NYSE: AJG) said it has acquired Boston-based employee benefits insurance broker Longfellow Financial LLC.
Anyone familiar with Longfellow's famous poetic tribute to the Acadians knows the basic story of the great Derangement of 1755, when these tough and resilient people were uprooted and cruelly scattered--some as far away as Louisiana.
Aldhouse, aged 30, from Yardley, Birmingham, who is nicknamed 'Pitbull', was caged last week after admitting killing 23-year-old marine Dashawn Longfellow after a pub brawl in the beach resort of Phuket three years ago.
Lee Aldhouse, who grew up in Yardley, admitted killing marine Dashawn Longfellow, 23, during a pub brawl in the Thai beach resort of Phuket in 2010.