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the traditional dress of Vietnamese women consisting of a tunic with long sleeves and panels front and back

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Every day, Marco walks up and down the beach dressed in a keffiyeh (head-dress) and a long tunic, selling 1,000 esfihas (Middle Eastern parcels filled with ground meat, chicken, or vegetables) from a hot plate in his camel's rear.
She doesn't have to ditch the leather trousers while preggers but they would have been better with a long tunic top.
A funky, short-sleeved cardigan of bulky yarn and a long tunic knitted side-to-side are just two of the pieces that can't be found in any department store.
This grey suede one, pounds 12.99, from Next, would look great with a long tunic or cowl-neck jumper.
KEY PIECES: Cheesecloth strappy dresses straight off the catwalk, ethnic- inspired gipsy skirts and Africa print long tunic.
"A shalwar kameez consists of a long tunic and loose pants.
2, 2001, those punishable under the amendments would include people "the wearing of the qamis (long tunic), the djelbab (full veil), khol on the eyes, and shaggy beards".
The latter, which includes long tunic and skirt, have a chameleon quality, enabling them to be worn equally to the office or a glamorous wedding.
Hundreds gathered to mourn, some men wearing a taqiyah (skullcap), others shalwar kameez (long tunic and trousers), while women wore hajibs and scarfs.
I had on a long tunic & leggings so miss me w/ 'dress modestly' [stuff]," the star wrote.
The French team members -- both players and support team composed of close to 30 people -- received the full set of traditional Qatari attire that is composed of a Thob (long tunic), a Ghotra (local head dress), a Serwal (traditional trouser), a Taqia (skull-cap), and an Iqal (rope).
Then, the American soldier, wearing traditional loose-fitting Afghan trousers and a long tunic, was led away to a U.S.
And if you're not that confident about your shape - team with a new season long tunic rather than the short sweater with exaggerated rollneck.
Our girls go to school and our traditional dress and tattooing have faded away," added Nada, dressed in jeans and a long tunic.