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With their long handles for firm leverage and hard, tempered steel blades, lopping shears (loppers) eat their way through heavy underbrush and branches up to 3" thick.
* Hand edgers (round blade) consist of long handle; sharp, high-carbon steel blade; and turned step for better foot pressure and leverage.
You can even skip the long handles and just grab the handles on the head, which is easiest for vertical work (fences, walls).
He teaches villagers how to operate two-wheeled power tillers that farmers walk behind and guide by 10 feet long handles. The priest has two such machines and knows from experience that "they are not easy" to control.
Consumers have long complained about storing their tools with long handles -- such as rakes and push brooms.
The company launched its campaign in August, focusing on four items: the Long Handle Utility Rack, the EZ Step stool, Seal and Saver food storage, and the Wrap and Craft storage box.
For one thing, long handles have been added to some of the products so that they can be used as back brushes.
s , 0 T-HANDLE HEX KEY SET A 16-piece set with eight long handles and eight short ones for awkward hexagonal nuts.
The measuring cans had long handles and rested on the side of the large churn.
Long handles give these an excellent reach and plenty of power.
The long handles and gears look impressive, but these are only slightly more effective than the budget shears on test.
Most have "D" handles of 27"-29", although some are available with long handles up to 51".