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The London region is home to several of Timmermans - Grantt Solutions' valued customers including several of the largest banks.
The candidates are Steve Murphy, the Yorkshire regional secretary, aged 50, and Jerry Swain from the London Region.
Six years later she was appointed as the regional officer for the London region.
3 million properties supplied by Thames Water in the London region currently have meters.
The research showed the London region had the highest levels of belief in angels at 40%, with the North East scoring the lowest at 17%.
In the key London region, where studios such as Pinewood, Shepperton, Leavesden, Elstree and Longcross provide the base for the vast majority of film production, Film London and Screen South have already pooled their efforts to deal with incoming projects.
Ed Miliband received rapturous applause when he attended an evening reception in Manchester held by Labour's London region, just hours after winning the dramatic leadership contest.
The highest occupancy can be seen in the Greater London region with 81% occupied.
According to Jim Collins, managing director of centres in the London region, 'Things are beginning to pick up.
Early and middle Saxon rural settlement in the London region.
Anthony Kindred, owner of Kindred Bakery and president of the London region of master bakers, has hit out at the multiples.
I hope he will do all he can to encourage the city council to support the project, work with the club and local businesses to turn it into a reality before the Olympic games, in order that Birmingham can help the Government fulfil the legacy of the games stretching beyond the London region.
Two would be around the Greater London region, one in central England and one in Scotland.
Health Protection Agency, Centre for Infections, London, United Kingdom; ([dagger]) South West London Health Protection Unit, London, United Kingdom; ([double dagger]) Health Protection Agency London Region, London, United Kingdom; ([section]) European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training, London, United Kingdom; ([paragraph]) University College London Hospital, London, United Kingdom; and # St Georges Hospital Medical School, London, United Kingdom
One half of Customers and Patrons constitutes a transcription (with detailed annotation) of a case book of Dr John Monro, the physician to the Bethlem Asylum and the proprietor of several madhouses in the London region.
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