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He faces one major obstacle, Pendragon's baby son, the rightful king, has been sneaked to safety; and a montage shows him growing up on the mean streets of Londinium.
Diamond geezer, knew him back in the ol' days, down in Sarf Londinium.
Therefore, Zuleika's self-discovery in the semiotic chora makes a Kristevan reading possible; Venus's feminine and pre-linguistic world that is abjected by patriarchy can be associated with the semiotic chora and becomes the way of resurrection for Zuleika who is an abject figure as a black woman in Roman Londinium.
The text's presentation of the pageant at Fenchurch Street, for example, begins with nearly seven pages devoted to describing the Londinium Arch on this site, carefully explicating the number of inscriptions on the arch, the names of figures or places, and the lengthy epigrammatic Latin passages.
El siguiente objetivo fue mas ambicioso: tomar la ciudad de Londinium (Londres), a orillas del rio Tamesis, sede del gobierno provincial de Britania, que no estaba fortificada.
It was the Romans who founded the British capital: Londinium.
Lenard will talk about the rise and fall of Boudicca and her desecration of The Romans Londinium, poke Radcliffe Hall and ask the question: Why did Virginia Wolfe kill herself?
Entertainment of a Fragile Films, Londinium Films production in association with 66 Prods.
While Evelyn had no involvement in the rebuilding, he did produce a book, Londinium redivivum, or London Revived: Consideration for its rebuilding in 1666, which de Beer edited in 1938.
Merlin had groomed young Arthur to deal with threats such as these, but neither master nor pupil was prepared for what they encountered at the annual tournament in Londinium, a beautiful, dark-haired girl named Brenna.
London - once a Roman outpost known as Londinium, England's capital city is home to masses of historical monuments as well as the diverse F&B offerings you'd expect from a major European city.
A near anagram of the Latin name Londinium, Mundolin both hides and contains its counterpart.
In towns and villages from Brindisi to Londinium, marketplaces buzzed with nominative nouns and ablative clauses that had once been the reserve of their leaders.
The haul was the result of a six-month excavation at Bloomberg Place, a three-acre site in the middle of what was the Roman city of Londinium.