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Synonyms for lollipop

ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick

hard candy on a stick

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Every season, Japanese customers wait for Shinri Tezuka's lollipop fashion line-this summer season, the designs of the lollipop illustrate the humid, sunny and cool weathers experienced in her country.
Matthew Macero: Original Gourmet's lollipops are uniquely produced and are displayed in clear wrappers, offering colorful eye appeal and a recognizable shape which consumers have grown to love and expect from their local markets.
The watermelon keeps the lollipops nice and fresh, and contributes to their five a day.
For the first time, interesting shapes, such as flowers and hearts, as well as the colours and patterns in the candy, can enhance the visual appeal of deposited flat lollipops.
It could also expose children to more serious conditions, as sticky lollipops provide the perfect habitat for bacteria.
Liverpool women have really taken to the quirky designs of Lollipops as it allows a dash of personality in our most functional statement accessory, the simple handbag.
The lollipops aim to keep drinkers quiet late at night and increase blood sugar levels, while the flip flops replace high heels going home.
Kirklees Council aims to mount two mini cameras on some lollipops - one facing forwards and the other backwards.
A NINE-year-old boy says he is too scared to eat sweets after cutting his tongue on a piece of wire embedded in a lollipop.
The new strategy means that many lollipops sold in the Western Hemisphere will be imported from as far away as Russia, so don't be surprised if youngsters begin to say "Nyet" to less-than-fresh candy.
The Midland company has had 500 lollipops especially made to raise funds for Radio Lollipop which is due to begin broadcasting at the Birmingham Children's Hospital in May.
Chupa Chups is launching a series of pack formats aimed at boosting summer sales of its eponymous lollipops.
Bite-size dinosaurs will be making their way across country from Thousand Oaks to Maine encased in amber-colored lollipops.
Fentanyl, the active ingredient in the lollipops, is already a leading drug of abuse among health professionals and street users," he says.