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a woman hired to help children cross a road safely near a school

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My husband was a lollipop man for 10 years and was once told off for throwing his metal stick aside to direct traffic and children during a storm.
The respected and much-loved lollipop man left yesterday after 20 years in the job during an emotional afternoon and was showered with gifts and hugs from devastated children who urged him not to leave, theHull Daily Mailreports.
lollipop man McCabe Catherine Jubbs, head at the local junior school, said everyone would miss Sean's 'high fives' while Nicola Beaumont, head of the infant school, told Sean: "You have built up a fantastic relationship among children but parents as well.
The school, also known as Stanfield, posted a message on its Facebook page which read: "RIP Neville Hymus - our lovely lollipop man, who very sadly passed away on Tuesday.
Lollipop man David Hall in action on Two Ball Lonnen.
My son is 10 and has been high-fiving the lollipop man since he started school.
I saw a car that came within inches of our lollipop man once and almost ran him over.
We are looking for child friendly companies, which means no alcohol or tobacco companies, to sponsor a lollipop man or woman.
The crossing will only be in use in termtime and only until a new lollipop man is recruited.
Concerns over the lack of a safety crossing patrol were last night voiced by a parent who started a petition calling for Mr Rogers to be retained, as well as by the school's headteacher and the lollipop man himself.
Harry Dack Infant School in Loftus thought so much about their lollipop man Arthur Manley they compiled a book about him back in 1976.
Lollipop man Ernie Lane, who has helped children from Cadoxton School, Barry, cross the road for more than a decade, will not have his temporary contract renewed in April.
London, Nov 30 (ANI): A lollipop man in Britain has been banned from escorting school kids across a busy road because council health and safety officials feel it is "not safe" for him.
Every lollipop man and woman is issued with a notebook to record detailed information about any motorist that fails to stop or continues to drive by when asked to stop, which can then be passed on to police.
My daughter goes to Sudley Junior School, on Aigburth Road, and crosses over the dual carriageway every morning with the help of the lollipop man.