Lolium perenne

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European perennial grass widely cultivated for pasture and hay and as a lawn grass

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Recovery from drought stress in Lolium perenne (Poaceae) : are fungal endophytes detrimental.
Generally, Lolium perenne have larger seed size than Poa pratensis that produced larger seedling.
The resultant improvement in chemical composition of plant samples contributed toward significant enhancement in dry matter yield of Lolium perenne grass.
This study aims at evaluating the phytotoxic activity of methane extracts in the germination and development of the vegetative part of seeds of Lactuca sativa, Amaranthus hybridus, Lolium perenne, Ipomoea purpurea and Bidens odorata.
Key words: necrotic dermatitis, vesicular dermatitis, photosensitization, perennial rye grass, Lolium perenne, avian, waterfowl
Carbon balance and water use efficiency of frequently cut Lolium perenne L.
Lolium perenne, Lolium arundinaceum) due to the production of peramine and loline alkaloids (reviewed by Schardl et al.
Effects of the application rate and time of the growth regulator trinexapac-ethyl in seed crops of Lolium perenne L.
Field 1 was comprised of Perennial Rye-grass Lolium perenne and had a relatively short sward height (< 50 cm), whereas field 2 was dominated by Timothy Phleum pratense, with sward height exceeding 70 cm (Table 3).
Lolium perenne yield 80 days after sowing decreased by 30%, but only in the most compacted plots, and it was much less sensitive to compaction than timothy (Phleum pratense) (Ferrero 1991).
pratensis, Erodium cicutarium, Hypochoeris chondrilloides, Lolium perenne, L.
1996), quienes encontraron que la presencia de HAP en el suelo incrementa el tamano de la comunidad microbiana en el suelo rizosferico del pasto Lolium perenne respecto a suelo solo.