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a sexually precocious young girl

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with bobsleigh team-mate Mica McNeil and her proud parents Lolita and Lawrence
Lolita, who is an active member of conservative politics was a member of the Hispanic and women's outreach committee in President Donald Trump's campaign.
Mas, levando a serio a afirmacao de Adorno sobre a transitoriedade ser sua substancia, e precisamente nesse movimento--que demanda a interpretacao para ser capturado em conceitos (7)--que o sentido historico de Lolita pode seguir tentando se realizar.
For Press & Media, Email - Event Producer: Lolita Thomas teammanifesters@gmail.
Lolita was viewed as scandalous by some, but it made Nabokov rich and world famous.
Canciones como "Senor amante" o "Cada vez que me desvisto" forman parte de la musica mas contestataria del siglo XX mexicano, por su audacia verbal, su transgresion al orden moralista preestablecido y su discurso por un amor libre y pleno, que habla hacia la diversidad sexual sin tapujos ni hipocresias, en un estilo, el de Lolita de la Colina, pletorico de belleza y poesia.
We will examine the intrahistorical adscription of Lolita in the first place.
After Lolita whispers these words, Zorro appears disguised as a friar and gazes on her beautifully lit face and glistening eyes.
At no point is Lolita anything but a typical girl of her age and time: tomboyish (she has a tendency not to wash her hair), interested in movies, celebrities, magazines, and soda pop.
L'objectif de cette etude est de comprendre comment et pourquoi les jeunes adultes de deux communautes localisees dans le centre de Tokyo, les lolita et les angura, dont les membres, ages de 16 a 40 ans, se reapproprient dans leurs discours des stigmas qui leur sont attribues.
Increasingly, however, Lolita is viewed as neither amoral nor immoral, but as a powerful example of a life lived viciously and the consequent grave harm inflicted on the twelve-year-old Dolores (Edelstein 46-48; Pifer 29-30).
Outlandish pannier skirts with layers of frilly lace; teenage girls with larger-than-life make-up; a dash of sexuality and lashings of Victoriana are the order of the day for Japan's Lolita girls.
Light of my life"; love, time and memory in Nabokov's Lolita.
Portmeirion's new licensing agreement with Lolita brings that brand's girl's-night-out sensibility to ceramics.