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Irish dancer (1818-1861)

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In the nineteenth century, both absolute kings and middle-class prudery could be lampooned in obscene tracts, as found by Sarah Leonard in her look at the milieu of Lola Montez in Bavaria.
Those covered include Billy Blue, Sir Henry Browne Hayes, Lola Montez, Alfred Deakin, Rosa Praed, Bee, Bea or Beatrice Miles, William Chidley, Arthur Stace (the Eternity man), Percy Grainger, Manning Clark, Olive Pink, Louis de Rougemont, Dulcie Deamer, Eve Langley, Rosaleen Norton and a host of other minor, lesser known eccentrics.
Ready seems to be everywhere the action is; he meets actress Lola Montez, sneaks onto a riverboat in an effort to evade paying a fare, runs into old friends and makes new ones, helps track down a missing gold miner and is in the middle of everything going on.
It has seven reception rooms, five bedrooms, four bathrooms and idyllic, private gardens and was once owned by Lola Montez.
The entry on music in the West is especially interesting, On the other hand, the one on the women is relatively skimpy, although there are separate entries on women of such variable shades as Cattle Kate (Ella Watson, 18627-1888), madam and cattle rustler and Willa Cather (1873-1947) the author, or Lola Montez (1818-1861) the dancer and Jeannette Rankin (1880-1973) the pacifist congresswoman from Montana.
Lola Montez was not Spanish nor was she really a trained dancer.
She married a San Francisco newspaperman and in 1852 took to the stage in a production entitled Lola Montez in Bavaria.
Twelve months ago, Mr Bottom explained how the daughter of a young Irish army officer, who had adopted the name Lola Montez when she trained as a Spanish dancer, lived on her beauty and wits, inveigling her way into high society across Europe, after being widowed at the age of 20.
Lola, at the Unity Theatre on Friday and Saturday, is about Lola Montez - an Irish-born, self-taught dancer who made her own way in times when women were more often to be seen, rather than heard.
One year later, Manon presented herself in performance as a masked wild animal behind massive bars, exhibited and chained in a luminous cage, dominant and yet herself dominated by a voyeurism that both sides have to endure: Das Ende der Lola Montez (The End of Lola Montez), 1975/2006, evokes the lover of Ludwig I of Bavaria, a woman who gained great political influence, then was ostracized, and finally was reduced to displaying herself as a "femme fatale" in a circus.
The mother-of-two entertained the audience - mainly older women - with tales of famous royal mistresses Nell Gwyn, Lola Montez, Marie Waleska, Madame de Pompadour and Lillie Langtry.
Each town--about 5 miles apart on State Highway 49/20--has been dealt a classic, still-functioning Victorian hotel and appealing B & Bs, and residents support adventuresome restaurants, so sojourners can expect blandishments Victorian traveler Lola Montez herself might have envied.
FRINGE: Irish writer Sylvia Cullen, author of Bedazzled, spotlights one of the 19th Century's most notorious women in The Legend of Lola Montez.