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(Norse mythology) trickster

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Phil Innes, of Loki Wine, said: "I am really delighted to be part of Colmore Food Festival for the first time.
"Loki was the one who alerted us to the situation as he bounded up and quickly became friends with the dog and we realised something was wrong."
"Before hospital, Loki was such an active happy boy who was practically always smiling," says Naomi, who works as a selfemployed environmental educator.
Drinks wise, there are 400 bottles of quality plonk available to buy at the Edgbaston Loki, which should all go down well with the area's many wine aficionados.
Loki brings Thor and Jane through a portal that goes straight to the Dark Elves' homeworld.
"And if it made me actually throw up I can't even imagine what it would have done to Loki."
British actor Tom Hiddleston steps into Loki's shoes once more in "Thor: The Dark World." In this interview, he talks about his character, Chris Hemsworth and Thor fans.
Brit Tom Hiddleston gave a shoutout to Liam Payne's dog after winning Best Villain for his role as Loki in Avengers Assemble.
Named Loki, it offers hi-spec electric guitars, including some that offer extra strings, extending the musical possibilities.
Arthur and his friends have been on edge since a few months prior, when they battled Loki and his first child.
Your columnist with Loki, took second position and Nina Owen rode an exceptional round on Otto.
Hilary Rees, of Park Hall, Carmarthen, killed the male English bull terrier, named Loki, as she would not allow him to be rehomed.
RATHER like certain glamour models, Loki looks fantastic but doesn't really offer too much once you spend some time with it.
The current version of the Alberta poker program--named Loki for the Norse god of mischief and chaos--already plays a strong game, Schaeffer says.