Loire River

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the longest French river


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The Loire river was only a fiveminute drive away from Dugny, opening you out to the towns, villages and cities which nestle along its winding route.
After settling in and getting into holiday mode we left the site to see what the area had to offer, taking a day trip to nearby Blois, a hillside city on the Loire River.
2011) observed that over 70% of the species of diatom identified in the Loire River were benthic and not potamoplanktonic, like in the Lower Iguacu.
Vangheluwe was to take up residence in a French convent, Fraternites de Jerusalem in La Ferte-Imbault, a monastic community located along the picturesque Loire River.
Here, the Loire River and geography are critical in distinguishing the two AOCs, where both use the sauvignon Blanc grape.
Nantes now By the mouth of the Loire River, Nantes is often called the "Venice of the West" because of its seven waterways.
On March 31,1940, they managed to escape from Nevers minutes before the Nazis blew up a major bridge over the Loire River and occupied the city.
The La Poire blend provides sweet notes under nutty flavor courtesy of the Anjou pear grown in the Loire river valley in France.
When the Nazis captured the leader of her unit in May 1944, she took over the cell in the north Indre department of the Loire River valley.
The two I've mentioned and the generally more expensive Pouilly Fume just across the Loire River are all worth a try.
Set in highly manicured, yet tranquil, gardens filled with hundreds of rambling roses, the Chenonceau chateau is built as a bridge across the famous Loire river.
An RAF clerk installed himself in an armchair in the back of a lorry and was driven from Orleans along the Loire River to Nantes.
This highly diverse region has some 40 AOCs flanking the famous Loire River.
While France is most famous for its cow's milk cheeses, the goat's milk cheese from provinces south of the Loire River is legendary, especially in Berry and Poitou, whence some of the best examples hail.