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a garment that provides covering for the loins

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All the boys in wet loin cloths bore the same look of the sacrificial goats of Kamakhya," she said.
The only bit that slightly concerns me is having to wear a loin cloth on stage for six months
Comes with removable sword, cape, loin cloth, and arm guards (for a total of 21 pieces)
ONE MILLION YEARS BC MMMM, Raquel Welsh in a loin cloth.
If the image of Tarzan lounging around in a loin cloth was unfavourable then, now, with him in his late 70s, it's even less palatable
The programme was live and Mosambulu, who lived in London, was dressed only in a loin cloth and was locked in a cage.
According to the stage directions, Mortimer "emerges dressed in a loin cloth and a feather, and playing a drum".
Ghana's quarter-final run was, thankfully, the loin cloth that spared us from the utter humiliation of World Cup nakedness.
Perhaps Peter Andre will parachute into the junglewearing only a loin cloth and re-propose to Jordan while playing the spoons on his abs.
Louis debut, the tremendous Gregory Dahl, dressed only in a loin cloth, delivered Jokanaan's imprecations with bone-chilling power.
He wears a very silly waist-length black wig and is dressed in a revealing loin cloth and showing off his bare, highlytoned legs.
It's a totally different ball game from rugby," winced Japan lock forward Hitoshi Ono, who was sporting the traditional buttock-bearing "mawashi" loin cloth worn by sumo wrestlers.
loin cloth this close to dinner, can't be bothered,
And when that Indian man rides by and all he has on is a loin cloth and she envied how free he was.
In cotton turban, vest and loin cloth and usually barefooted the men drove the oxen with their wives and children huddled in the cart.