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Synonyms for validity

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being authentic

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being valid and rigorous

the quality of having legal force or effectiveness


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the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

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The logical truths are those truths in which only logical words occur essentially.
The conventionalist account of logical truth fails to come up with an explanatory account that fares any better than the truism that logical truths seem obvious to us.
However, the more logical truth is that walls cannot collapse because of trumpets and shouting, while historical truth tells that ancient Jericho was a small village, and had no walls to begin with.
That no element has both exactly 79 protons in its nucleus and exactly 80 is a first-order logical truth, so long as we allow our variables to range over elements.
Fourteen now favoured 0, six of the nine original students still favoured 1 (no switches), and one student from the one-camp had shifted to "an answer dependent on vacuous or logical truth" favouring zero.
Philosophy occupies an interesting middle ground between these two approaches: while a philosopher attempts to build bullet-proof logical arguments (i.e., she aims at logical truth of the formal kind), the premises of her reasoning can only be of two types (Hume's famous 'fork').
Catuneanu has covered the ground in excruciating detail, more than most people could comfortably absorb, but provided less guideline information on the real threads of logical truth that matter, or on the realistic application in the less-than-ideal real world most geologists toil in.
But, second, she argues that this same fundamental logical truth also commits us to what she calls 'ontological dualism,' the view that mind and matter each have unique properties which cannot be reduced to, or explained in terms of, the properties of the other.
Let's call a language and its accompanying semantics (including the definitions of such basic logical notions as logical truth and logical consequence) an FS logic if it treats only terms satisfying the FS criterion as logical.
Doubtless such a simple and logical truth would send all those in the whole do-gooding, God squadding, race relations industry into such apoplexy that they would need just such a corridor trolley.
Of course, the tenability of (Terms) depends on the location of the logical/non-logical boundary, and the tenability of (All Truths) and (Basic Truths) depends on what a logical truth is.
There is no effective deductive system for logical truth and logical consequence in Hintikka's system - for much the same reason that second-order logic is not complete (see Shapiro [1991], Ch.
In light of considerations like the above and also with objections about the way the male-female, reason-emotion dichotomy is handled traditionally, women in philosophy have begun to concur in a way that shows their desire for "a theory of knowledge which is opposed to men's, one that privileges emotion and is committed to subjectivity."(3) In this endeavor they won't accept rational criticism and thus their epistemology is, according to Klein, unreasonable and "unworthy." Her criteria is logical truth, the very abstract kind of truth and reasoning to which the revolutionary feminists are objecting - whether they be also Marxists, Liberals, Radicals, Socialists, Existentialists, etc.(4)
For those who resist modal skepticism the activity of modalizing should be relinquished only at the greatest cost, since logical truth and elementary arithmetic seem to require modality.