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a fine-grained unstratified accumulation of clay and silt deposited by the wind

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The oldest remains were found in Late Pleistocene loessic sediments dated between 13.
1988) in loessic subsoils of south-eastern Australia; a bimodal distribution with a main population of fine to coarse sand grains, and a smaller but pronounced population of grains in the coarse silt range.
The Neolithics were discerning farmer/pastoralists who sought out floodplain edges, and selected the loessic soils for their fertility and not for their supposed treelessness.
Due to their silty texture and scant cohesion, loessic soils (and in general most wind-transported sediments) are very easily eroded if their plant cover is removed.
2003), or deposits with the potential for dating (Hesse and McTainsh 2003), and the age of the loessic mantles is still largely unknown.