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But when we simultaneously simulated the effects of fishing and removed the effective but vulnerable herbivor Grammarus locusta, the algae took over the ecosystem - especially in the warmer conditions.
Trasformando l'immagine nuova della pulce in quella di una locusta senz'ali, Kircher mostra il nuovo alla luce del gia noto, e instaura un gioco di prestigio mentale oltre che una piacevole metafora inedita.
Although much effort has been directed toward understanding the hormonal control of egg maturation in other orthoperans, most notably Locusta migratoria (Glinka et al.
In other insects, the maximum specific activity of PO was observed as follows: between 30- 35[degrees]c in Locusta migratoria (L.
1996) CYP6H-like CN854020 Locusta migratoria (Towle & Smith AAD39748.
Joint action of Beauveria bassiana and the insect growth regulators diflubenzuron and novaluron, on the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria.
Meanwhile, Galileo Avionica is developing the jet-powered Locusta mini-target to be released from a primary target drone such as the Meteor Mirach 100.
In a previous study, peptides immunoreactive to antisera against CDCH, [alpha]-CDCH and [beta]-CDCH, showed positive immunoreactions in tissues of Sarcophaga bullata (Diptera), Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Coleoptera), Locusta migratoria, and Periplaneta americana (Orthoptera) (Theunis et al.