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secure by locking

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place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

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The ABI wants lock-up agreements to specify an initial "hard" lock-up that cannot be waived after which
As a result of a report by Sandia National Laboratories, which looked into lock-ups at the Labor Department and found that there was the risk of data being leaked, news organisations were ordered to remove all of their own communications software and systems from the process, being told instead to use what was provided by government and to only bring pens and paper into the briefings.
We, ironically enough, attribute lock-up creep to events following
MDA Lock-Ups are held all across the nation and at various times throughout the year.
The cons are even allowed to invite guests into the lock-ups for the ceremony, but these are limited to a "reasonable number" decided upon by the Governor.
lt;p>On the Pavilion Elite e9150t lock-up thread, users said that they had tried several different HP-suggested remedies, including installing a BIOS update, a tack Kent claimed he also tried to no avail.
122) This lack of a detailed analysis may well be attributed to the context in which most lock-up challenges are brought.
Starting in just a few months, they will be free to sell their shares as the so-called lock-up period expires.
PRINCE Rupert's Tower, a beehive-like structure on Everton Brow, began in 1787 as an overnight lock-up for drunks and minor miscreants.
More than half are willing to accept a lock-up of two years or more, a figure that has more than doubled since 2005.
All Budget lock-up security measures are currently being reviewed as they are after each Budget event.
POLICE have seized drugs worth PS1million in a raid on two lock-up garages.
But when they arrived the blaze had already spread to a lock-up and taken hold.