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close with or as if with a tight seal


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place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

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It's a move that sets the tone for their style of management, as The Tall Ship starts hosting late-night lock-ins, driving the neighbours mad.
Even if it is just for the pub lock-ins, it may be time for a move.
Looking for our first mortgage we have come across schemes which have 'lock-ins' and those that do not.
However, at Physique Spa in Irvinestown, Fermanagh you can indulge in a lock-in of a different kind.
IF you can find a money-saving mortgage deal with no strings, no penalties and no lock-ins, good luck to you.
Many savers with a large sum put their money into LOCK-IN accounts which offer a higher return because you can't touch your money for an agreed time.
Avoid lock-ins and redemption penalties if you can.
Manhattans, on Stockton High Street, was reprimanded by Stockton Council earlier this year after it was found to be hosting lock-ins, one of which ended in violence.
The Student Lock-In shopping event is run by the Cardiff-based student marketing company Total Students, and last for three hours.
The theory behind the "lock-ins" was to show how they were on-air"unlimited" all-day, illustrating T-Mobile's key marketing message that its customers arefrom the limitations of data plans.
The court heard that in October 1996 it had become the practice to have lock-ins at the Plough, which has since closed as a pub.
Plan your afterhours events and make it even more exciting by signing up for the Nationwide Teen Lock-In (NTL) (https://sites.google.com/site/teenlibrarylockin/).
Finally, on a minor note, Klein makes several references to the lock-in of inappropriate technologies without seriously commenting.
After twelve days, the first indications of a favourable solution for the participants led to the ending of the hunger strikes but the continuation of the lock-ins. During this period Amazigh migrants from the working-class area of Cornella, who were in the lock-in in the Pilar church, began to come together.