Loch Achray

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a lake in central Scotland

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The 'low cost' campsite at Loch Chon attracted 2000 campers and a similar campsite at Loch Achray is expected to open for the peak summer season.
A warm, dry Saturday has attracted campers to a spot on the shore of Loch Achray, where we find the remains of fires, empty beer cans, broken glass and a knife stuck into a tree.
The site, on the shores of Loch Achray, was said to already be an established camping area, but the authority wants to formalise the site and extend it to form a larger campsite with 17 designated pitches.
The helicopter took them to the Loch Achray hotel at the foot of the pass, where police took over.
Historically, the name Trossachs -from the Gaelic meaning A Bristly Place - applies only to the small area bounded by Loch Achray, Ben A'an, Loch Katrine and Ben Venue, but these days is taken to include a much larger area.
They were following Allan, who was carrying relatives in another car, as they drove to Loch Achray to let their son try out his new fishing rod.