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P: Para mim, o Lobolo tem duas componentes e a componente maior e a espiritual.
(43.) De Haas M, Is there anything more to say about Lobolo? African Studies, 1987, 46(1):33-55.
A voz desse autor implicito, por meio do narrador em terceira pessoa, questiona as relacoes de casamento impostas as mulheres, aproximando o lobolo (negociacao do casamento de uma jovem) ao comportamento de alguns animais domesticados:
When he designed the Lobolo Ecolodge in Lake Turkana, Kenya, Mehta consulted with the locals.
The latter covered specific customs (for example, violating sacred places and marriage payments or lobolo) and, intriguingly, also included uroi (witchcraft) and vuli (evil spirit possession), although accusations of such are illegal.
These days a debased form of ukuthwala is rife in the Eastern Cape, with schoolgirls as young as 12 being kidnapped by older, often HIV-infected men, raped, kept captive as wives, and lobolo paid to their families in compensation for the child.
The exchange of lobolo, or bride price, is supposed to be a long, formal process intricately knitting two families, but in this case the deal was swift, and Nonkululeko's grandmother, who opposed the match, was ignored.
En general, on assiste plutot a une volonte de faire evoluer le droit coutumier de maniere autonome, par exemple en permettant que le lobolo (55) soit negocie par la mere de l'epouse et verse a celle-ci plutot qu'au pere.
If, during this process, the spouses' relationship is called into question it can be proved only by reference to the performance of wedding rituals, payment of lobolo and evidence given by members of the community.
(199.) See LETUKA ET AL., supra note 36, at 26; Fareda Banda, Custody and the Best Interests of the Child: Another View from Zimbabwe, in THE BEST INTERESI'S OF THE CHILD 197, 197 (Philip Alston ed., 1994) (noting that "[t]he question of whether or not lobolo has been paid still tends to influence the Community Courts' decisions").
(51) To complicate matters further, even if she is willing to leave under these terms, her own family may not welcome her back because they may be forced to return the lobolo, or bridewealth, something they may be unwilling or unable to do.
(53) In particular, NGOs and States Parties alike realized that these instruments did not explicitly address commonplace practices like female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriages, or lobolo (bride price) and, as a result, failed to protect women from harm adequately.
The vokonwana (the sons-in-law) eat the back legs, the best meat of the animal, as a sign of respect and consideration, for they have paid the lobolo (bride-wealth) to the family.
But South African media reported that he had also paid lobolo (bride price) for two other women.