Lobelia cardinalis

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North American lobelia having brilliant red flowers

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Prominent are Mimulus alatus (the southern species of monkey flower; both purple and more uncommonly white-flowered forms), Lobelia cardinalis (red cardinal flower), and Vernonia fasciculata (ironweed).
sibirica, hostas, day lilies (Hemerocallis), astilbes, and the marvellous scarlet Lobelia cardinalis.
Lobelia fulgens will give you purple foliage and red flowers while lobelia cardinalis is a stunning plant, 3-4ft tall with crimson blooms and deep bronze foliage.
Effects of cross and self-fertilization on progeny fitness in Lobelia cardinalis and L.
To fill it, purchase plants such as canna, Lobelia cardinalis, and soft rush (Juncus effusus 'Spiralis').
Marginals that flourish in depths up to 23cm (9in) include water mint, an attractive, fast-growing evergreen with mauve flower heads in summer; bog arum, Calla palustris, with long-lasting white spathes; and the magnificent Lobelia cardinalis, with dark red foliage and scarlet flowers on tall stems, which will also grow in shallower water.
Bestsellers over the three-day event were the more traditional grasses and flowers; Zebra Grass, Montbretia and Lobelia Cardinalis.
Cannas, lobelia cardinalis and red leaf anternanthera are some examples.
Lobelia cardinalis, which grows wild on marshy lakesides, woodland clearings and moist places, comes from north America, where it thrives from New Brunswick in Canada to Florida in the south.