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(usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims

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Ride hailing companies Uber and Lyft have collaborated as a lobbying group that aims to ban privately-owned autonomous cars from cities.
LTE-U and LAA are new technologies that will substantially increase data speeds and improve coverage, according to the lobbying group.
The chair at Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) is to head a lobbying group.
The replacement for Wicks will be joining the lobbying group just months after a General Election campaign which is anticipated to feature pledges for a renewed crackdown on the banking industry.
Could this be a sign that lobbying groups are finally losing some of their power?
Included in this lobbying group are the large property insurers Allstate Insurance Co.
A technology lobbying group from Silicon Valley has appealed to the technology industry and government policy makers to make high-speed Internet access a priority for the US.
The council to date has been more of a communication forum, rather than a lobbying group or a trade association.
Ann Yerger spoke on behalf of the Council of Institutional Investors, a lobbying group.
The founder of TransAfrica, a 30-year-old lobbying group for African and Caribbean interests, chronicles his influential life as one of America's most controversial and political fighters against racism.
ISLAMABAD -- International Lobbying Group Youth Forum For Kashmir (YFK) organized a seminar titled "Kashmir dispute, new challenges and the way forward" to highlight the post Burhan Wani killing situation and human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir.
He joined the business lobbying group 10 years ago, interested in its work to defeat then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's proposed health care reform.
And Republican Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon is making a name for himself as a champion of homosexual rights, recently drawing attention by speaking at the October 6th annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign, a major homosexual lobbying group.
Things are very far apart at the moment," comments treaty supporter Annie Petsonk of the Environmental Defense Fund, an environmental lobbying group in Washington, D.
Local and regional black business organizations have successfully worked with their respective legislatures, notes Campbell, but there hasn't been a national lobbying group.