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ctenophore having tentacles only in the immature stage

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Temporal and spatial characterization of an infestation of Paratachardina lobata lobata (Hemiptera: Kerriidae), a new invasive pest in Florida.
Puerarin (daidzein-8-C-glucoside), the main isoflavone glycoside found in the Chinese herb radix of Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi, has historically been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an antioxidant and antidipsotropic agent (Benlhabib 2004) and has more recently exhibited benefits to cardiovascular health (Peng et al.
The anti-hypertensive effect of Danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza)and Gegen (Pueraria lobata) formula in rats and its underlying mechanisms of vasorelaxation.
Danshen and Gegen, which are roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza and Puerariae lobata, respectively, are traditional Chinese medicinal herbs that have long been used in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan for the treatment of cardiac and cerebral ischemic conditions (Ji et al.
La escama lobulada de laca invasora identificada como Paratachardina lobata (Chamberlin) (Hemiptera: Keriidae) y nativa del sur de la India y Sri Lanka, es una amenaza seria a las plantas nativas y economicas en el sur de la Florida.
A comparative study on aqueous root extracts of Pueraria thomsonii and Pueraria lobata by antioxidant assay and HPLC fingerprint analysis.
Exotic Poly Myctides imberbis Lea Exotic Oligo Myllocerus undatus Marshall Exotic Poly Pheloconus hispidus LeConte Native Poly Nitidulidae Lobiopa insularis Castlenaua Native Poly Epuraea luteolus Erichsona Native Poly Diptera Cecidomyiidae Dasineura eugeniae Felt Native Oligo Stephomyia eugeniae Felt Native Oligo Tephritidae Anastrepha suspense Loewa Exotic Poly Hemiptera Coccidae Pulvinaria psidii Maskell Native Poly Flatidae Melormenis basalis Walker Exotic Poly Kerriidae Paratachardina lobata Chamberlin Exotic Poly Psyllidae Katacephala tenuipennis Tuthill Native Oligo Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Chilocampyla dyariella Busck Native Oligo Tortricidae Ancylis sp.
John's Hypericum Leaves and Phloroglucinol derivatives (hyperforin, adhyperforin), anthraquinone wort perforatum flowering tops derivatives (hypericin, pseudohypericin) Kudzu Pueraria lobata Flowers and Isoflavons roots derivatives (daidzin, daidzein) Danshen Salvia Roots Diterpene compounds miltiorrhiza (tanshinones, miltirone) Tabernanthe Tabernanthe Roots Ibogaine iboga Ginseng Panax ginseng Roots Ginsenosides Evening Oenothera Oil GLA (an omega 6 primrose biennis fatty acid) Milk Thistle Silybum marianum Fruits Silymarin, a complex of 5 flavanolignans Scullcap Scutellaria Aerial parts Flavonoids laterifolia (scutellarin, scutellarein), iridoids (catalpol) SKV (a) Agaricus (b) (a) An ayurvedic formula of 12 herbal ingredients.
In the screening of new compounds with antiviral activity, three Guatemalan plant extracts from Justicia reptans, Neurolaena lobata and Pouteria viridis were evaluated with a classic antiviral assay and were found to inhibit HIV replication.
CLIMBING Ipomoea lobata, also known as Spanish Flag, is a vibrant fast-growing climber with red and cream flowers.
CLIMBING IPOMOEA lobata, also known as Spanish Flag, is a vibrant fastgrowing climber with red and cream flowers.
environmental and economic interests (Swiecki and Bernhardt 2017) -- on a planted valley oak (Quercus lobata) in a restoration area in San Jose (Santa Clara County).
Caracteristicas taxonomicas de Ampelisca lobata Holmes, 1908: habitus, pereopodo 7 (P7), placa epimeral 3 (Ep3, sombreado) y telson (T), segun Barnard (1954) y Dickinson (1982).