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a rich soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay and decaying organic materials

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In loam soil the vibration near the source is lower than in clay soil but higher than in the peat and sandy loam soils.
Comparing acclimated plants on peat moss and peat moss: clay loam soil, the plant health, rate of growth and survival percentage on peat moss acclimation substrate was better compared to peat moss: clay loam soil mixture substrate grown plants in the glass house.
A numerical-statistical hybrid modelling scheme for evaluation of draught requirements of a subsoiler cutting a sandy loam soil, as affected by moisture content, bulk density and depth, Soil & Tillage Research 63(3-4): 155-165.
Baig (1985) reported DDT in organic soil of Punjab and NWFP, while the most applied DDT was retained on top 5 cm layer in sandy loam soil (Hussain et al.
textilis occupying burrows previously made by adult Eastern Striped Skink Ctenotus robustus (see below) beneath stones on loam soil were recorded.
The rooted plantlets were then transferred to sandy clay loam soil for hardening purpose under glasshouse conditions.
They like: Sun or part shade; chalk, clay, sand or loam soil - and a hard pruning after flowering.
Figure 1 shows the effect of moisture content on the coefficient of soil-interface friction of Sandy clay loam soil (S1).
Create a site in full sun, with a free-draining loam soil which is easy to cultivate in spring.
Effect of minimum tillage and crop sequence on crop yield and quality under irrigation in Southern Alberta clay loam soil.
The number of sites with loam or sandy loam soil texture lacking mole sign highlights the need to consider other factors affecting Eastern mole distribution.
There is a good relationship between Ksat and macro-porosity, except for the 2Ab horizon in the Coulter silt loam soil, which was expected to have lower Ksat related to low macro-porosity (higher Ksat may be related to weaker soil consistence, but this was not measured).
A heavy loam soil works well but anything that's not welldrained may cause problems.