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Gallwn ddychmygu y gallai hynny fod wedi dwysau sensitifrwydd unrhyw un; pwy wyr na wnaeth fardd o Alan Llwyd? O ran y gyfrol hon mae'n sicr yn ffordd o ddenu'r darllenwyr o'r dechrau'n deg i ymddiddori yn ei hanes a'i gymeriad.
We are happy to clarify Mr Llwyd was not 'forced' to pay the tax but paid it as a matter of course.
In an interview with BBC Wales, Mr Llwyd said appointing Ms Holland before the publication of a report she wrote two years ago about a notorious miscarriage of justice case involving South Wales Police was a "curious situation" that required explanation.
Mr Llwyd told delegates: "Statements were faked and forged by the police to ensure they came out looking well.
Speaking as Eisteddfodwyr were faced with an empty stage former Llwyd o'r Bryn adjudicator Geraint Lloyd Owen from Bontnewydd, Geraint Lloyd Owen Caernarfon said: "Bob Lloyd was my hero.
On the day of Mr Law's funeral, Mr Llwyd used parliamentary privilege to claim Mr Hain made the approach with Tony Blair's approval.
Llwyd not only drafted the first published map of Wales - which literally set the country on a global stage - but was the first person to write a history of Wales and a topographical account of Britain.
Mae'r gyfrol Pawb a'i Farn - Dyddiadur Dewi Llwyd, yn gyforiog o straeon difyr am yrfa Dewi Llwyd fel darlledwr uchel ei barch am bedwar degawd gan ganolbwyntio'n bennaf ar y flwyddyn wleidyddol gythryblus a fu, ar ol i Theresa May fynd ar ei gwyliau i Ddolgellau dros y Pasg.
Mr Llwyd MP argued that the Conservative MP would try to speed up prison privatisation and youth justice - things he argued should be avoided in Wales.
As with many injustices and conspiracies, not properly and fairly dealt with at the time, Mr Llwyd will know that they have a tendency of eventually coming back to bite you.
Now, Cardiff author Llwyd Owen hasbeenso successful in theUS,extra copies of his books have been printed to cope with demand.
Elfyn Llwyd, a barrister who was MP for Meirionnydd Nant Conwy and then Dwyfor Meirionnydd from 1992 until 2015, made his comments during a BBC Wales podcast with the journalist Guto Harri.
[ac medden nhw:] 'Mae'n wir ddrwg gynnon ni, Mr Llwyd, am yr hyn ddigwyddodd.
IN the debate as to what might be desirable in next week's Queen's Speech Elfyn Llwyd MP (Daily Post, May 2) calls for the devolution of the criminal justice system to Wales.
OUR City mascots for the Watford match tomorrow night are Benjamin Stewart and Llwyd French-Simmonds.