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a mountain in the Andes on the border between Argentina and Chile (22,057 feet high)

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They were escorted on foot by their families and the Inca elders on the lengthy journey to Llullaillaco. Their job was to keep the children alive on the long trek up to the 6,700M summit, our highest was 4,600M and it was tough at times even for us.
Investigaciones Arqueologicas en el Volcan Llullaillaco. Complejo Ceremonial Incaico de Alta Montana.
La fotografia, durante los ultimos anos han sido principalmente usada en las noticias sobre las tres momias recuperadas del Volcan Llullaillaco, aunque otras informaciones de variadas tematicas muestran imagenes y con pequenos mapas localizan los sitios o yacimientos en el espacio (ver Ramundo 2008e).
Known as La Doncella ("the maiden"), she was found in 1999 at the summit of Argentina's Mount Llullaillaco. Archaeologists say she is one of three Inca children sacrificed in a religious ritual 500 years ago.
They included the 15-year-old "Llullaillaco Maiden" and seven-year-old "Llullaillaco Boy".
They were found near the summit of Mount Llullaillaco, a 22,000ft-high volcano on the border of Argentina and Chile.
Sendo suas fronteiras constituidas por areas de grande interesse turistico devido a presenca das colinas do Rincon, Aracar, Salin e Llullaillaco e dos vulcoes Socompa, Tres Cruces e Ojos del Salado.
From mountaintop to museum, it has been a long journey for these mummies, which were discovered in 1999 on El Llullaillaco, the highest mountain in Salta Province, 250 miles from the city of Salta, near the Chilean border.
84 Three 500-year-old Inca mummies were found on Argentina's Mouth Llullaillaco in 1999.