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United States comic actor in silent films

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heard the voice of Lloyd Inwood from out of the emptiness.
I could not locate Paul, and so approached the shadow that represented Lloyd.
The secrets of their marvellous discoveries died with Paul and Lloyd, both laboratories being destroyed by grief-stricken relatives.
This result is consistent with Husserl's contention that individuals formulate unique conscious perceptions of the world that are in constant flux, Lloyd asserts.
It was one heck of a present that Louise Apperson got her husband, Lloyd, for his 83rd birthday this year.
It's the ultimate laptop, envisioned by Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and it stretches the laws of physics to their limits.
PASADENA- `BRAM AND ALICE'' co-creator Christopher Lloyd asked the question on everyone's mind: ``After you've been to church and had a big Sunday pot roast, don't you want to watch a show in which a father hits on his daughter?
In a possible violation of state law, Assembly candidate Lloyd Levine, seeking to replace Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg in the 40th District, got an $88,000 personal loan from his father and then lent the same amount of money to his campaign, the Daily News learned Friday.
PixSense today announced the appointment of Lloyd Oki as Vice President of Sales and General Manager of PixSense's Asia-Pacific business.
At the Geffen Playhouse, performers Christopher Lloyd and Holland Taylor are playing out their own version of ``Strangers on a Train.
Lloyd Bridges, whose half-century in acting ranged from the drama of ``High Noon'' to the daft ``Airplane
TM] (OTC:DGMS), today announced appointing Lloyd Rice as the Vice President of Technology for digiMedical Solutions, Inc.
Connors proved the best-player part again Sunday afternoon with a 6-3, 6-2 victory over John Lloyd before an estimated 1,800 fans at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades.
It was unknown if the mother and stepfather were home at the time, said Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Helen Lloyd.