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United States comic actor in silent films

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This left me free to my own affairs, and I was out among my roses when Lloyd Inwood arrived.
Were he perfectly black, you could sit alongside him and not see him," Lloyd said; and I confess the illustration was apt enough to make me well-nigh convinced.
Lloyd blunders up against the shadow with his perfect opaqueness.
Nor, while Paul Tichlorne was thus successfully mastering the problem of invisibility, was Lloyd Inwood a whit behind.
Greeting Lloyd, I closed the door and backed up the path a few paces.
And so, stroke by stroke, member by member, I painted Lloyd Inwood into nothingness.
It could not be he from whom the ball had rebounded, and with sickening dread I realized that Lloyd Inwood had come upon the scene.
heard the voice of Lloyd Inwood from out of the emptiness.
I could not locate Paul, and so approached the shadow that represented Lloyd.
The secrets of their marvellous discoveries died with Paul and Lloyd, both laboratories being destroyed by grief-stricken relatives.
No charges have been filed in the death of John William Sidman, a 64-year-old Cottage Grove man who is believed to have killed himself after shooting neighbor Dale Allen Lloyd in May.
Architect icon Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) was commissioned in 1906 by Thomas P.
Curious about what was inside, Lloyd opened the box and peered at its contents: human eyeballs.
Thirteen years ago, Joel Schumacher was ready to hop a plane to London to begin filming the movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's smash musical ``The Phantom of the Opera.
Everything was interdependent, and as Lloyd recalls, this was an architectural process derived from bottom up, where the challenge came from working with a client who had no financial contingency.