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British writer of essays


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Paranoid Scofield Thayer lured her with his pleas to save his magazine from the sly machinations of other men, and the consumptive Llewelyn Powys charmed her with his old-fashioned British manners and claimed her love.
Llewelyn Powys was ecstatic at this victory and begged his sister Gertrude to find them suitable lodgings.
His interest in collecting began when he bought his first book by the essayist Llewelyn Powys at what is now called the Portland Book Shop in Leamington Spa.
John was the last of the trio of remarkable brothers - including Llewelyn Powys, the essayist, and T F Powys, the novelist, who died in 1939 and 1953 respectively.
The brother of the authors John Cowper and Llewelyn Powys, he did not go to a university but rather turned to farming for several years.