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the capital of Slovenia

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Top sees for free Ljubljana's city centre is mostly flat and pedestrianised, so is perfect for exploring on foot.
Check out the Triple Bridge, which leads to the Old Town, and Ljubljana Castle.
Fraport was selected to participate in exclusive negotiations on the sale of Aerodrom Lubljana, the company that runs the airport Linder the agreement, Fraport will pay 177.1m [euro] (US$222.8m) for a 75.5% stake in Aerodrom Ljubljana. As part of the privatisation process, Fraport intends to eventually acquire 100% of the Ljubljana airport company.
Ljubljana's main reason for wanting to host the ACER seat is that it shares the same philosophy as the agency.
Address for correspondence: Franc Strle, Department of Infectious Diseases, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Japljeva 2, 1525 Ljubljana, Slovenia; email: franc.strle@kclj.si
The 7th ICMGP was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the location of the second largest mercury mine in the world--the Idrija mercury mine.
Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik established their firm in 1995 after meeting at architecture school in Ljubljana, and set up a satellite office in London when they went there for their Master's at the Architectural Association.
I guess the myth of the neutral white cube no longer needs debunking these days, but after one experiences a few of Elmgreen & Dragset's painterly interventions (recently they've been seen in Leipzig, Berlin, and Ljubljana), a whole labyrinth of associations with whiteness springs up--from art to sex to politics.
Shareholders of Slovenia's Ljubljana JoA3/4e PuAnik Airport will decide on September 16 whether to go ahead with the planned construction of a new multi million euro terminal.
Relatively untouched by the Balkans conflict, the Slovenian capital Ljubljana has a wonderful legacy of architecture.
Ljubljana JoA3/4e PuAnik Airport has seen its passenger numbers rise for the first time since May 2011.