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Hungarian composer and piano virtuoso (1811-1886)


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O efeito de sinestesia, forjado linguisticamente, exacerba a sobreposicao ideologica do conjunto discursivo --visao, pelo "verde", tato, pela "chuva", audicao pela de musica de "Lizst", e olfato pelo cheiro da "rosa".
Johnson added: "The 13 Symphonic Poems of the Lizst canon provided the models for Smetana's 'Ma Vlast,' Tchaikovsky's 'Romeo and Juliet,' Dvorak's entire 'Legends' cycle and Richard Strauss's 'Death and Transfiguration.' Without 'Les Prelude' in particular these works might not have been imagined."
Should local councillors have turned a blind eye when town crier Ken Griffiths, eye-catching in his regalia and ringing his bell, was clearly Brahms and Lizst on duty?
He read Beethoven sonatas with Lizst, worked with (conductor) Brahms, received accolades from Saint-Saens, and had fabulous and often funny observations on violinists/pedagogues including Joachim, Wieniawsky and many more.
atmosphere relaxed and friendly service excellent disabled access a few narrow steps to restaurant, though lounge tables and lizst room on level.
His recital will include his speciality, Rachmaninov, as well as Ravel, Lizst, Schubert and Chopin.
Alli se encuentran con el Principe heredero del propio reino de la Princesa Bebe, casado morganaticamente o en trance de contraer injustas nupcias con su querida, cantante de altos vuelos operisticos, pretexto para la insercion de una desaforada caricatura de la familia de Wagner, en clara referencia a su museo familiar de Lucerna y su Bayreuth estatal y su imposible herencia en el Sigfrido de carne y hueso que dio ocasion, con su nacimiento, al trozo sinfonico que por el "Idilio de Sigfrido" ha pasado a los programas de conciertos y que tuvo origen en la serenata que el agradecido y titanico esposo de Cosima Lizst dedico a la madre de su hijo, bajo su ventana de recien parida.
This links Banks's compositional style to Holm-Hudson's analytical method, since the music of nineteenth-century piano composers such as Lizst, Schumann, and Schubert has been modeled using similar methodology.
Playing the legendary music of Mozart, Lizst and Chopin, the virtuoso pianist mesmerised the audiences with his brilliant command of technique combined with amazing artistic expressions.
The account by Hernandez of several recorded performances by Sanroma, gathered from various sound-archive collections in Appendix B, seems to be more inclusive both in terms of stylistic movement and location, again with works, among others, by Bach and Mozart during the 1700s, by Romantics Lizst, Schumann, and others, up to the music of his contemporary European and North American friends.
A Brahms and Lizst punter was having a real pop at the girl behind the counter over the fact he had been refused a bet despite being a minute after the time.
The song caught the attention of Franz Lizst, who based a masterly piano paraphrase around it.