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Synonyms for amygdala

an almond-shaped neural structure in the anterior part of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum

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The lizard brain is about fear, hunger, anger, desire and emotional consolidation.
If your cerebral cortex--the "new brain"--is built for higher-level analysis, verbal fluency and innovation, then the lizard brain is all about avoiding uncomfortable stuff.
We hear the voice of the lizard brain, and we recognize that it's there.
Racing back and forth across the country and making threatening noises seems to go directly to the lizard brain of reporters, and the reporters seem to be responding to the election the way couch potatoes respond to beer ads.
But even now, away from the primordial grime, the message of "this looks good, it might contain good things if I open it" whirrs away in our lizard brains .
But our lizard brains go after these things even when we think we're too smart to be lured in by manipulative advertising claims like, 'these jeans will help get you a man," Hill said.
Sadly, our lizard brains have not evolved as quickly as our food environment.
Burnham's book, Mean Markets and Lizard Brains, an exploration of behavioral anomalies and how they can help investors profit in financial markets.
When things go bad, our lizard brains never forget.