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Roman historian whose history of Rome filled 142 volumes (of which only 35 survive) including the earliest history of the war with Hannibal (59 BC to AD 17)


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The most riveting portions of Mark and Livy are those that recreate the world of their household, such as the extended description of a typical dinner for company at 351 Farmington Avenue: "George and a maid served with gold and silver instruments.
The fact that Colonel George Harvey, publisher of the North American Review, selected and edited Twain's dictations (with an occasional nod from Clara Clemens) makes this text even more representative of Mark Twain, for Harvey functioned for this final Twain project very much as Livy and Howells had for so many earlier ones.
Meanwhile, the Tomahawks' smothering defense - led by junior midfielder Maggie Wraight (1 goal, 4 assists), junior defenders Amanda Murphy, Molly Dore and Annie Sullivan, and seniors Alexa Williams and Taylor O'Connell (goal) - held G-D scorers Ordemann and Livy Penney (goal) in check.
Historical sources from the Mediterranean indicate Celtic conquests in the south, too: according to Livy, Celts from across the Alps were conquering Northern Italy c.
Touchingly, he also maintained a long and lasting love for his wife Livy.
Dundee's backlash from the Livy defeat was a blast from an angry Jim Duffy and the manager will be looking for a dramatic improvment today.
Students were taught lessons in virtue and liberty from the works of Herodotus, Xeuophon, Plutarch, Livy, Sallust, Tacitus and Polybius.
In the first section, four essays focus on Augustine's concept of history and his use, deconstruction, and subversion of Cicero, Livy, Sallust, and Servius, and one examines the later Salvian's rejection of him.
It was end-to-end stuff and on 34 minutes Livy made the breakthrough.
The issues of power, reason, and language, raised again and again in his masterpiece, The Prince, are equally central to the longer, less often read, but no less profound work, the Discourses on Livy, here given a loving and lucid translation, with a perceptive and helpful introduction, notes, glossary, and index.
The dominant view in the mid 19th century was that put forward by Thierry in 1828, who used Livy and Caesar in identifying the homeland of the Celts; he placed the origin of the Gallic tribes who invaded Italy in the 5th-4th century in the same locations as Caesar found them in the 1st century, a view recently revived by Pare (1991).
The contrast between this, the brash and exuberant upstart, and the model of humility and contriteness Twain presented to Livy impresses upon us Twain's ability to act his parts in life as well as in literature.
Haley Pollard had two goals and three assists, while Kelsey Doran and Livy Penney both scored twice for Groton-Dunstable.
CONTACT: Peter Slan, Senior Vice-President, Investor Relations, (416) 933-1273; Livy Feldgajer, Scotiabank Public Affairs, (416) 866-6203