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the year in the ecclesiastical calendar

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By putting this celebration at the end of the liturgical year, we do not only remember the life of Christ the Shepherd-King but also proclaim that he is the Lord of history.
These homilies illustrate Hildegard's preaching, teaching, and exegesis in practice, and present an extraordinary witness to a medieval woman instructing her community during the course of the liturgical year.
By God's grace we find ourselves on the cusp of yet another new year--a new liturgical year, that is.
13) Monastic life in Solesmes would model liturgical renewal through a focus on the liturgical year (14) and the restoration of chant as the norm to be used during the liturgy.
Reading Dom Gueranger's fourteen-volume Liturgical Year left me in awe at the exquisite loveliness of the Catholic liturgy.
Easter is an annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year (church year).
Among the topics are the vernacular practice of naming the liturgical year, comparing the versions of the Old English Gospels in a semantic and syntactic study of periphrastic "model verb + infinitive" construction, metrical influences on constructions with complex predicates in Old English hypermetric verse, the pronoun it and the dating of Middle English texts, and changes in the clausal complement of the copulative perception verbs in American English.
Throughout the liturgical year, these churches celebrate their ancient rites in all the places memorialised in the Bible - in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Antioch, Sidon and Tyre, in Egypt and Iraq, and sites further east.
It offers a definitive introduction to the first half of the Roman liturgical year, one that will undoubtedly support further research in the field of comparative liturgics.
Pentecost is one of the prominent feasts in the Christian liturgical year.
He is perhaps most famous for composing the bulk of the Sharakans, or Hymns, that are sung as part of daily services throughout the Armenian liturgical year.
The Thomanerchor is, of course, the descendant of the choir Bach directed for the last 26 years of his life in Leipzig's St Thomas's Church, for which he composed new music every week of the liturgical year, and for whose well-being and discipline he made himself responsible.
The Legenda Aurea of Jacobus de Voragine, compiled about 1260 and one of the most-read books of the High Middle Ages, gives sufficient details of the saints for each day of the liturgical year to inspire a homily on each occasion.
Nevada (US), Oct 06 (ANI): The Hindus have sent greetings to Jewish communities world over for the holy day of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the most important day in the Jewish liturgical year, which will be observed on October 7-8 this year.
Advent is also the beginning of the liturgical year and it's interesting that it served as the beginning for the creators of the plainchant of the Proprium, as shown by the research carried out by the American musicologist James McKinnon.