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The little person made a bob-curtsey--"Oh, yes, if you please'm; my name is Mrs.
Bonacieux, darting at her the most loving glance that he could possibly concentrate upon her charming little person; and while he descended the stairs, he heard the door closed and double-locked.
He was a pale, anaemic-looking little person at any time, but his face just now was positively ghastly.
She had little Laura Martin home for the holidays; and my belief is, she made a confidante of her, and promised that Laura should come and live with her when she was married, and gave Laura a great deal of information regarding the passion of love, which must have been singularly useful and novel to that little person. Alas, alas!
Mary was an odd, determined little person, and now she had something interesting to be determined about, she was very much absorbed, indeed.
Lastly, there was a handsome youth in rustic garb, and by his side a blooming little person, in whom a delicate shade of maiden reserve was just melting into the rich glow of a young wife's affection.
The Gardens are a tremendous big place, with millions and hundreds of trees, and first you come to the Figs, but you scorn to loiter there, for the Figs is the resort of superior little persons, who are forbidden to mix with the commonalty, and is so named, according to legend, because they dress in full fig.
When it's like, 'That's Alicia Silverstone!,' everywhere I went, it was a lot for a little person. But then life goes on and you figure it out."
He remembered that I row as well and said 'you row like hell for a little person!'." Kelly, of Trowbridge, Wilts, 38, was a corporal and suffered a series of strokes brought on by a rare blood disorder called antiphospholipid syndrome.
The baby, who was born a little person, suffered from several medical complications and passed away three months later, when he was taken off of life support on Aug.
They can be tricky to get rid of, so if your little person is still scratching their head this far into the summer holiday, there's no need to be scratching yours.
You're such an incredible, beautiful little person & the brightest of lights!
Red Fox and His Canoe will be a dandy choice for a back to school gift for the shy Firsties class, or for gifting a Little Person on birthday or other important day in the life of the Little Person.
I met a little girl the other day whose parents were contestants and I thought, "This little person would not be here if mum and dad hadn't met on Take Me Out".
Because I had a little person that I had to look after and I wanted to prove to everybody that I could be a good mum."