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the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

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Little Phoebe Morris, now 15 months old and thriving, with dad Lee and mum Caroline at the family fun day event, above, which they hope will have raised about PS5,000 to be shared between the Sick Children's Trust and Freeman Hospital's Children's Heart Unit Fund.
And when he heard, Becks forwarded little Phoebe a signed Utd shirt and cap.
LITTLE Phoebe Davies pinches her daddy's arm and laughs.
uk LITTLE Phoebe Morris is looking forward to a bright future after lifesaving surgery to mend a hole the size of a grape in her tiny heart.
Little Phoebe suffered acute liver failure when she was just 22 months old.
But little Phoebe Hoyle dreams that one day she will be able to walk just like her friends.
LITTLE Phoebe Lyle was the picture of courage yesterday - five months after being left paralysed by a hit-and-run driver in Spain.
BRAVE little Phoebe Lyle has made an amazing recovery in hospital - five months after being left in a coma and paralysed by a hit-and-run driver while on a family holiday in Spain.
Little Phoebe Pace, three, was given the gift of life when she received an emergency transplant, just 13 days after developing a rare form of hepatitis.
NEWBORN Tess and Vernon with little Phoebe LIMELIGHT The couple at an awards ceremony in March DREAM DAY Vernon and Tess marry in 2003 READY Austin Healey on new Beat the Star
Now 18 months on from giving birth to little Phoebe, Gemma's still carrying an extra stone in weight - which she calls her "empty baby belly.
As little Phoebe Brennan, three, cradled the valuable doll, Patricia Hess, of auction house Phillips Scotland, said: "Paying pounds 22 is a lot at a jumble sale.
Less than a year ago, little Phoebe Pace was fighting for life in intensive care after she suddenly became ill with acute liver failure.
A close friend said: "They're completely besotted with little Phoebe.