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a metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water under standard conditions

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6 litres and 2 litres, and 45% for cars with a capacity of more than 2 litres.
70p a litre before falling back below 130p a litre by the second week of August, the AA said.
Officers also seized 76,388 litres of lager and beer.
The $25-million plant would be located somewhere in the Temiskaming District on a 100-acre site and would produce 20-million litres.
Lubricants AD BLUE Litres 400, SAE 10W40 Litres 600, Antifreeze liquid for windscreen Litre 82 Aithyneloglykolis Antifreeze liquid (condensed) l 55, base grease lithium generic Weight 120 Semi Diesel Engine Lubricant - SAE 15W-40 Litre 955 Lubricant Hydraulic systems - ISO 100 Litre 205 Lubricant Hydraulic systems - ISO 32 Litre 180 Lubricant Hydraulic systems - ISO 46 Litre 125 Lubricant Hydraulic systems - ISO 68 l 157 Diesel Mineral oil - SAE 10W Litre 200, Mineral Diesel - SAE 20W-50 l 1000, Mineral Diesel - SAE 30W Litres 270 pcs Lint 71 Gasoline Synthetic Lubricant - SAE 10W-40Litra 600, Brake Fluid Litres 205.
THE officers confiscated 19 cans of Carling, five cans of Magners, 10 bottles of Carlsberg Export, three bottles of Carlsberg, five cans of Fosters, six litres of Strongbow, one litre of Taboo, one litre of WKD, six litres of Carbon White, one and a half litres of Vodka, two cans of Newcastle Brown Ale, three cans of San Miguel, two litres of vodka and coke, two litres of vodka and lemon, two litres of White Lightning, three litres of White Cider, two litres of Lambrini and one litre of Peach Schnapps.
Robotic Herd: The herd averaged 50 pedigree Holstein-Friesians with an average of 44 in milk achieving a yield of 7,413 litres, down from 8,952 in 2004.
During the operation, police arrested Allah Rakha with 20 litres of liquor, Awais Hussain Shah with 26 litres of liquor, Khalil with 20 litres, Anwar with 20 litres, Rashid with 16 litres, Khalid with 10 litres, Yasin with 17 litres, Jamil with 16 litres, Ali Akbar with 20 litres, Shama with 30 litres, Abid Ali with 19 litres, Iqbal Maseeh with 20 litres, Fazal Abbas with 20 litres, Tahir with 27 litres, Iqbal with 30 litres, Mamad Ali with 10 litres, Mukhtar Ahmad with 20 litres, Azam Ali with 20 litres, Waqas with 26 litres, Adnan with 18 litres and Kabir with 70 litres of liquor.
BRUSHING your teeth with the tap running: six litres per minute; using a cup: one litre.
The top performing herd recorded by ADAS Milk Cheque achieves 10,989 litres from a feed rate of just 0.