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a native or inhabitant of Lithuania

the official language of Lithuania

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Looking at them the Lithuanian exports appear to be specialized towards geographically close markets: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and Denmark (Figure 4).
As such, this visit of the Lithuanian yacht carries special meaning for us.
Senior council officer Trevor Gough accepted the gift and said: "I believe the Lithuanian phrase is 'lqbai aciu', which means 'thank you very much'."
Blue's widow Catherine, the club treasurer, said: "The Lithuanian community has been here for years, even from before the First World War.
"In one Irish town, Lithuanian children are beaten only because they are more beautiful than Irish ones," she claimed.
Birmingham Lord Mayor Coun Mike Sharpe joined community leaders to officially open the UK's largest dedicated Lithuanian shop.
Mrs Hughes, who married an English man in 1998 and moved to Birmingham, said it meant a lot to the community having a shop they could gather round, but she hoped it would bring in other people interested in Lithuanian food and culture.
EXPORTS of Lithuanian beer rose by 51.4% in 2005, according to the Lithuanian Breweries Association, to 1.518 million dekalitres--exceeding the combined volumes of the neighbouring Estonian and Latvian beer markets.
As evidence of the serious intent of the Russians in these plans, earlier this year Russian commuters ambushed a woman officer of the Lithuanian border patrol, who was accompanying the train through Lithuania's territory.
In 1993, His Holiness Pope John Paul II on a visit to his beloved Poland, crossed the border into Lithuania and recognized the special steadfastness and faith of the Lithuanian people by saying Mass in the open field at the foot of the Hill.
Over 65 per cent of the population turned out for the referendum in May in which around 89 per cent voted 'yes'--eliciting a sigh of relief from the Lithuanian Government, which had feared that voter scepticism towards the EU would win out.
Europe's geographic center lies farther east than one might expect; specifically, in the vicinity of the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.
The Lithuanian Parliament has banned mobile phones and miniskirts from its building saying that they created an inappropriate casual atmosphere.
Voitech to Pagao prussia the deliberate elevation of Duke Vytautas the Great to the Bohemian throne the Jagielton Dynasty and so on Musical contacts between the Lithuanian and Czech Lands started to develop more vigorously in the 17th, 18th centuries the especially in the 19th century and have continued to deepen up to the present.
This work is a tribute to the many fine books and articles on Lithuanian history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by Dr.
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