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the branch of geology that studies rocks: their origin and formation and mineral composition and classification

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One RS and five CSs of different lithologies were selected to prepare concrete according to mix proportions in Table 5.
A single log data can not produce accurate porosity values; hence, combination of neutron-density log and the cross-plots are used to mark lithologies.
The Transitional Pense/EJF material represents a zone of mixing of the two kimberlite lithologies at the interface between the Pense and EJF.
1997) suggests that the Precambrian lithologies have undergone multiple (pre-Carboniferous) erosive and transport events and are present as clasts and boulders within the younger Carboniferous conglomerate units.
Where several lithologies for the geological unit were listed, the first was assumed to be dominant, unless other information was available.
The Clayton-Porters Creek contact is conformable and so the two lithologies are intercalated.
Metapelitic, metagreywacke, and amphibolite lithologies from both study areas were analyzed with the microprobe for assemblages: Ga+Bi+Pl+Mu, Ga+Hbl+Pl, and Ga+Cpx+Pl.
In addition to converting an oil/gas industry drillship and outfitting it for scientific coring, the Ocean Drilling Program's Engineering and Operations team began in 1984 to plan for the difficult and wide range of lithologies and conditions to be encountered.
Results showed the discrimination ofgypsum anomalies from the surrounding other lithologies, which illustrate the ability ofASTER to provide information on the occurrence ofthis mineral.
In the study area, the outcropping lithologies were grouped into nineteen classes: 1--lower Ordovician sedimentary rocks, 2--Devonian conglomerates, sandstones and pelites, 3,4,5 and 6--carboniferous marine formations, 7, 10 and 11--granites, 8--granodiorites, 9--rhyolites, 12--mesosilicic and silicic volcanic and igneous complex, 13--multicolor tuff, 14--Miocene intrusive rocks, 15--Miocene argillites, 16 and 17--Pleistocene deposits, 18--silt, and 19--recent deposits.
This study is using remote sensing to distinguish different geologic units and lithologies found in this area to update the geologic map of this region.
The mineralisation is hosted within different lithologies from those previously identified in the O CapitEuo project area and occurs in three distinct horizons associated with an increase in sulphides, biotite alteration and quartz veining.
Comparisons with terrestrial impact-related lithologies allow analogies to be made regarding the geological history of Benton, with implications for chondritic meteorite evolution.