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Typical representative forest in the Ailaoshan Mountain is the middle-mountain moist evergreen broadleaved forest, dominated by Lithocarpus and Castanopsis (Xie et al.
of series tree species AL Abandoned land 0 SS Secondary shrub 4 CF Coniferous forest 5 MF Coniferous mixed 6 evergreen broad- leaved forest SE Sub-climax evergreen 7 broad-leaved forest CE Climax evergreen 15 broad-leaved forest Successional Vegetation type Dominant tree species and series their importance value AL Abandoned land Tree species have not appeared SS Secondary shrub Lithocarpus glaber (3 1), Pinus massoniana (26), Schima superba (21) CF Coniferous forest Pinus massoniana (52), Schima superba (35) MF Coniferous mixed Schima superba (47), Pinus evergreen broad- massoniana (40) leaved forest SE Sub-climax evergreen Schima superba (66), broad-leaved forest Castanopsis largesii (16) CE Climax evergreen Castanopsis.
Combining and comparing morphometric shape descriptors with a molecular phylogeny: the case of fruit type evolution in Bornean Lithocarpus (Fagaceae).
Genetic diversity, structure, and demographic change in tanoak, Lithocarpus densiflorus (Fagaceae), the most susceptible host to the Sudden Oak Death disease in California.
Lithocarpus echnifer or Quercus elmerri) or other species with ripe fruit was available.
It occurs widely on Diaoluo Mountain, Wuzhi Mountain, Jianfengling, Limuling, and Bawanling above 700-1300 m and is represented by Dacrydium pierrei of the Podocarpaceae, Syzygium araiocladum of the Myrtaceae, Lithocarpus fenzeliaus of the Fagaceae, Pentaphylax euryoides of the Pentaphylacaceae, and Altingia obovata of the Hamamelidaceae.
Structure of lithocarpic lactone, a new triterpenoid from two Lithocarpus species of Hong Kong.
longinux 14 Castanopsis carlesii 15 Lithocarpus amygdalifolius 16 Pasanea brevicaudata 17 P.
hypophoenicea (Seemen) Soepadmo Ukem Fagaceae Lithocarpus psilophylla Soepadmo Tateh Flacourtiaceae Flacourtia rukam Zoll.
Southward, where the climate is warmer and drier, Pinus lambertiana, Calocedrus decurrens, and Lithocarpus densiflorus are added to the flora.
Important genera of hoarder-dispersed propagules include Juglans and Carya (Juglandaceae), Fagus, Quercus, Lithocarpus, Castanea, and Castanopsis (Fagaceae), Aesculus (Hippocastanaceae), certain Prunus (Rosaceae), Corylus (Betulaceae), certain Pinus (Pinaceae), Bertholletia (Lecythidaceae), Carapa (Meliaceae), and Astrocaryum (Arecaceae) (Vander Wall, 1990, 2001; Forget, 1997; Peres & Baider, 1997; Steele et al.
Further south, as in the Malay Peninsula, members of the Fagaceae (the genera Castanopsis and Lithocarpus, rather than Quercus), together with many members of the Lauraceae, form a transition forest (in reality a laurisilva) between the montane rainforest and the true cloud forest.
In the natural broadleaf evergreen forest, the dominant arbor species were Castanopsis sclerophylla and Lithocarpus glabra with a mean height of 10 m, a diameter at breast height of 20.
Common heath forest species include Baeckia frutescens, Koompassia malaccensis (menggeris), Lithocarpus species (kempilik), Lycopodium cernuum, Nepenthes ampullaria, N.