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the informed analysis and evaluation of literature


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My argument starts with a brief genealogical account of the social and epistemological conditions under which "literary studies" were institutionalized as academic disciplines in different Western nations(6) during the nineteenth century, and under which, around 1900, literary theory and comparative literature emerged as subdisciplines of this field.
One of the main issues which lies at the centre of literary studies is the validity of the category of literature itself and whether this continues to have merit and relevance to justify the position it occupies in education systems.
Court begins with the contrasting positions of Adam Smith and Hugh Blair, who are for him, the progenitors of English literary studies in England.
Yet in the context of contemporary literary studies, the fit between the discourses will not strike the literary reader--or even the literary and philosophical reader--as an obvious or familiar one.
Following Kidd's synoptic overview, the chapters offer case studies of specific authors and texts; the standard is high, and many are effectively oriented towards the larger problems of how Scottish literary studies might aspire to be more British.
Based on the study, the book also highlights current problems and future direction of ethical literary criticism, which plays an increasingly important role in contemporary literary studies.
Cognitive Literary Studies is currently one of the few newer approaches to literature that can claim both a real departure from traditional literary scholarship and a connection with literary empirical research, i.e.
Richardson (English, Boston College) offers an introduction to the emerging field of cognitive literary studies (the interdisciplinary study of literature and cognition) while keeping questions of literary history at the forefront.
"The Turn to Religion in Literary Studies" was worded to
His DEVIL'S DICTIONARY is excerpted here, but more important is the coverage showcasing his other notable achievements, making for an essential reference for any high school or college-level collection serious about literary studies.
In our treasured formal representation of the MLA Division on Black Literature and Culture, however, we remain loyal to our roots in literary studies. That devotion is unswerving.
Medieval and Renaissance Literary Studies. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 2002.
Unlike other fields of literary criticism though, it seeks to include the non-human natural world within the field of literary studies.
Prior to the publication of this book, most of the newer literature on this subject has dealt primarily with the "images" and "fantasies" surrounding German colonialism and empire and has been written almost exclusively by those in literary studies. (1) Thus, the authors tend not to look at the actual experiences of Germany's colonial enterprise.
507-17), addresses one such exclusionary practice, that of excluding the literature of Latin American exiles from the rubric of Latino literary studies. Caminero-Santangelo reveals and challenges the fact that some Latino scholars choose not to include exile literature be cause it does not focus on issues of hybridity, cultural transition, and social protest.